I am grateful to have celebrated 21 consecutive years in my recovery program. The American River Alano is a huge part of my story. I was blessed to be one of the ten people that dropped $100 into the hat 20 years ago to open the first American River Alano. I am a Member of the ARA, I served as a Board member 20 years ago and serve on the Board today. The Experience, Strength & Hope Al-Anon meeting that started back then is still going strong today. I have a very, very long history of family members affected by the disease of alcoholism. I truly believe my own children and grandchildren would not be in my life today without Al-Anon. My children (and everyone else) knew I had alcoholics in my life, but why was I crazy!?
We work the exact same steps of AA from the perspective of the other side of the coin. I learned how to work my program by attending Al-Anon meetings, Sponsorship, and attending open AA meetings. The ARA gave me so many opportunities to find support for my recovery. I am so very grateful for the ARA and those that support its continued operation.

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