The Mission of the American River Alano (ARA) nonprofit corporation is to lease and/or purchase real property for the sole purpose of providing a meeting place for 12 Step Recovery groups. The ARA provides service to the recovery community by:
  • Assuring a meeting place will be available;
  • Offers Membership for the opportunity to self-support;
  • Affordable meeting space;
  • Provide utilities for the groups;
  • Maintains the building repairs and upkeep;
  • As an Alano, we can enter into legal agreements;
  • Provide a space for fundraising events to benefit the ARA;
  • Provide liability insurance for the 12-steps groups meeting at the ARA

Benefits of 12-Step Recovery in the Community:

  • Safer streets and neighborhoods
  • Reduce crime-raise property values
  • Build stronger and healthier communities
  • Help for family members
  • Build family and community unity
  • Carry the message of recovery and hope
  • Create positive impact
  • Keep the doors open for the next recovery person
  • Smaller 12 step groups allowing more personal levels of recovery.

Description of the American River Alano (ARA)

The American River Alano is an outside organization, separate and distinct from any 12 Step Group or treatment facility.  We are not a club, and membership is not required to attend meetings.  The meeting facility is primarily supported by membership.  Each meeting held at the Alano is conducted by an autonomous group.  Each group pays rent to the Alano to help with expenses. Rent contributes just more than half of the Alano’s needs. The remainder must come from membership and/or separate outside donations.  Membership in the American River Alano is independent of membership in any of the various organizations that use the facilities for their meetings.


Membership is voluntary and open to all. Members include anyone who supports the objectives of the Alano. Dues are $100 per year.  The Alano is a non-profit organization and is governed by a Board of volunteer directors elected from the current enrolled members.

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We are a nonprofit charitable organization and need 33% of our income to come from membership and donations. Learn more

Meeting Information

Would you like to start a meeting at the Alano?.Drop a note in the “Request Box” at the ALANO. Learn more


Learn about our upcoming events. Learn more

Donate through the website

Donations are a crucial element of keeping the doors open at the American River Alano and maintaining our non-profit status with the IRS. Learn more

COVID-19 updates

Visit our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update page for information on all services. Learn more


American River Alano is governed by a board of Directors consisting of a President, Secretary, Treasure and several board members. Learn more


You won’t find the definition in the dictionary, but it is being used world wide.  It is a synonym for a place that recovery groups get together for 12 Step meetings, attend a function, or just sitting and chatting.  Some Alanos have restaurants and game rooms. Some are open 24 hours. Currently we are offering a place for 12 Step meetings only and an occasional special function.

The American River Alano is a 501(c)(3) corporation.  Our charter and mission is to provide meeting space for 12 step recovery groups.  All membership dues and donations are tax deductible.  With your help and support we could own our own building and grow accordingly.

You can help by becoming a member or just donate, starting a meeting, support a meeting, encourage others, hold a position on the Board, or be a member on a Committee.

Everyone and anyone can contribute. This is an opportunity to help the community, find donations, and recruit members. You don’t have to be a member to donate, any support is welcome.  To donate download the form.

Visit our Membership page for more information on how to donate using cash or a check.

You get an opportunity to participate and help others to recover by making a meeting place available to all.

We have a meeting committee. Fill out a request form and drop in the “Request Box” at the Alano or call Susan, at 916-220-3157

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