In 2002, ten of us passed a hat and each threw $100 into it. Two of us walked down North Main Ave in Orangevale praying for God to give us a location for the ARA. We stopped at several businesses’ asking for a building to rent. We were directed to 6248 Main Ave. There was a dog groomer moving out. We found the owner and we rented it for $1,100 per month. They loaned us the deposit. It was a narrow little room. We lined the walls with chairs and started having meetings. We are now in our 4th location. I am so grateful for that room and the other rooms that God brought us and the years of recovery. 100s of men and women have gotten sober at the 4 locations over 20 years. We will continue; if we support and keep the doors open financially and spiritually. Thank you, God.

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